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How do you manage your day-to-day life in this upside-down world we now live in — Trying to balance your work-from-home schedule and remote teaching your kids in between? We’re going through the same issues too and totally feel your pain!

At the onset of creating Opus, one of our goals was to help provide resources and entertainment for you and your family!! Through our affordable membership plan, we want to help assist you in providing the tools that will help in your children’s education, growth, and love of reading.

With your membership, we provide a multitude of classic eBook novels for FREE! The best part is that we’ll send you the titles directly to your email so that you can download them to all of your devices! You’ll also be able to share your titles with family and friends on their devices.

Enjoying a classic novel, or any book you love, and sharing the joy of reading is one of the cornerstones of Opus — Read it and pass it on! 

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